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Membership in AAIMM share it with the 650 members of the association passion for mechanical music, its instruments, technology and history.

By joining the association, you have:

     * Of the annual subscription to the magazine.
     * Reductions, including publications of the association
     * Text for free classified ads magazine (excluding care whether a photograph)
     * Free entrance to the Museum of Mirecourt
     * Of the free entrance to the Museum Steenwerk
     * Half the entry fee to the Museum of Mormoiron
     * Of the free entrance to the 'Coffee' Museum Dollon
     * Half the entry fee at the Museum of Gets
     * Half the entry fee at the Museum of Curiosities at Nice

How to Join? The procedures, tariff ..

Annual fee (with the Magazine)

     * 45 Euros for France and Europe
     * 62 Euros outside Europe (Journal shipped by air)

The annual membership is valid for 1 year from month of purchase and entitles you to 4 issues of the journal of the Association mechanical music alive.

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To join, simply complete the form below and then confirm with the Send key.

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Simply by printing this page and filling out the form displayed on printing.



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4 bis boulevard Gallieni

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 the collection of mechanical musical instrument
 the collection of phonographs
 the collection of music boxes
 the collection if vinyl discs, c.d., photos, video
 instruments restoration
 the rating of punched cards
 animation, singing, with barrel organ
 l'animation of musical concert
 air and mechanical pianos
 other : : _________________________
The signatory undertakes to respect the Constitution and Rules of the Association
Place, date and signature :

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 Conditions éditées le  19 Janvier 2019

 FRANCE & EUROPE (Contribution: 10 euros + subscription: 35 euros): TOTAL = 45 euros
 REST of WORLD (air mail)  (Contribution + subscription + fee shipping) : TOTAL : 62 euros

The annual membership is valid for 1 year from month of purchase and entitles you to 4 issues of the journal of the Association mechanical music alive. Payment is by check or postal or money order payable to AAIMM sent to AAIMM 4 bis boulevard Gallieni 94,360 BRY SUR MARNE France. It is desirable that the payments from countries other than France are performed by money or by using the identification media, banking and postal costs are very high. Credit cards are not accepted.
Bank Account : 1 457 49 D Paris - La Banque Postale Centre Financier de Paris 75900 Paris Cedex 15
RIB : Code Etablissement : 20041-Code guichet : 00001-Numéro de compte : 0145749D020-Clé RIB : 07
International identification (IBAN) : FR02 2004 1000 0101 4574 9D02 007 Identifiant international de la Banque (BIC) : PSSTFRPPPAR
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